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June 22, 2010

الـســوسـة ♥♥♥ انشرها حتى يرى الجميع حجم الكارثة

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Peace and blessings to you all

Many have been looking for evidence of the extent of digging under the Al Aqsa, A Project intended to demolish the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock and build a new Jewish Temple In their place. Such a project could inflame the East-West Divide and cause World War three. A lot of digging has already taken place, and the early effort of this project and invasion of the Islamic Holy Places in Jerusalem by Fanatical Jewish Settlers in 2000 was the root cause of the Second Intifadah

كنت أبحث عن وضع الحفريات تحت الاقصى والى أى مدى وصلت ؟؟
Since they've been going on for a while, one wonders how far they got
لعل الصور أمامكم توضح لنا مدى الكارثة ..!وان كانت قديمة فلا نعلم الى أى مدى وصلت تلك الحفريات ,,,,

So, it is past time to stay silent
وان الوضع لم يعد يحتمل المزيد من السكوت ,,,,
These digs could cause structural failure and demolition of Al
الاقصى على وشك الانهيار فماذا نحن فاعلون ..؟؟؟

صور الحفريات ,,,,تحت الاقصى ,,,,
Photos of Digging under Al Aqsa

صور للهيكل المزعوم الذي يستعد الصهاينة لإقامته
 Photo of the Alleged Temple Zionists want to erect

هذه الصورة الاولى للهيكل الذي وضعه الصهاينة قبالة الأقصي
Photo of a scale model of the temple superimposed on the Al Aqsa

And other created photos and scale models of alleged Temple, to replace the Al Aqsa 

Photo of Imagined Temple replacing the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock with appeal to Jews to donate

Imagined Scale Model of First Temple

صور للتشققات التي حدثت في أعمدة المسجد نتيجة الحفريات الصهيونية تحت المسجد
Photos of Structural cracks in the Holy Mosques

هنا شاهد قطعان المستوطنين يتجولون داخل باحات المسجد

Jewish Fanatical Settlers Walking in the Grounds of the Holy Mosques
( These are what caused the recent confrontations in the Al Aqsa and earlier attempts to establish their occupation are what caused the second Intifadah in 2000/2001

صور للتشققات داخل باحات المسجد

Photos of structural failures in the courtyard of the Holy Mosques

صور للتشققات في البيوت المجاورة

Photos of structural cracks in nearby homes and properties

These have been sent around

Send them around to stop this serious encroachment which can inflame the already difficult situation in Jerusalem. 
Ask people to stop this insane religious fanatical work which is inflaming tensions 
and could escalate the tensions to a serious level.

انشرها حتى يرى الجميع حجم الكارثة

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